Code of Conduct

Be respectful of everyone and have fun!  All staff, players, spectators, customers and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a way that ensures all individuals enjoy themselves as much as possible.  Absolutely zero tolerance for language/actions that demean, belittle, insults or disrespects another individual. Individuals found to be violating this will be removed from the event immediately


Although our staff will take reasonable steps to address any related issues directly with the offending attendee(s), failure to correct the offending behavior(s) may result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the venue and temporary or permanent bans from future Laughing Dragon events. Laughing Dragon reserves the right to remove anyone from the event, at any time for any reason or no reason, to the extent permitted by law.


Participation in our events may result in your photograph being taken.  Laughing Dragon reserves the right to use these photos for promotion on our/partner’s website, social media, and literature. By participating in our events you are agreeing to let your image be used as described above. If you have a concern about this policy please speak to a staff member.


While we strongly encourage trading, any commercial behavior conducted, or suspected of being conducted, other than with official vendors, is prohibited. Commercial behavior includes, but is not limited to: 1) any sort of “bag vending” 2) buying/selling cards 3) the issuing of any sort of “trade credit”. Any individuals who are suspected of breaking these terms can be asked to vacate the premise, as well as being banned from future events.